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When Individuals Thrive So Do You


"Mindfulness in action" – engaging compassionately with the self and the outer world, empowered to make choices that affect individual and collective change and support well being for all.


The Mindful Collaborative works to see Mindfulness in action throughout the communities we serve. We teach individuals how to recognize the habits and patterns of the mind and body, and how to relate to those patterns in a healthy way through mindfulness based resilience training. 


We guide through breath work, gentle movement practices, conversations on brain science, nervous system regulation & stress management, and teach skills to enhance emotional intelligence.


Our workplace & schools can be stressful environments. Mindfulness-based resilience practices can help address school & workplace challenges and help foster greater wellness.  

  • Mindfulness-based resilience practices can help reduce stress and anxiety in adults and children

  • can help strengthen attention and focus

  • can support social and emotional growth and build resilience

  • can help to better connect, attune, and empathize with others

  • can help to develop greater awareness in relationships and with our environment

You know your business, we know mindfulness. The Mindful Collaborative partners with organizations to integrate mindfulness-based wellness practices within the core of their community. Together we create sustainable programs and build communities of practice. 

Friendly Circle

Let's combine our expertise to create powerful programs that profoundly impact your organization. The Mindful Collaborative will customize a wellness program to fit your individual needs. Are you ready to breathe new life into your organization? 

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The Mindful Collaborative is helping schools engage students in mindful techniques that become lifelong skills. We come into your classrooms to teach your students with an embodied mindful presence. Our simple, yet effective mindful practices can be adapted to children as young as Pre-K all the way through high school years.  Our short teaching sessions easily integrate into your school day. 

Extra Curricular Activities: Skills students gain 

  • How to pay attention; intentionally bring  focus to where we want it to go

  • Tools to help self/emotionally regulate & control impulses

  • Strategies for building empathy and compassion 

  • Techniques to reduce stress and anxiety 



Teaching is tough.  The demands on educators increase daily. Our programs give teachers mindful techniques they can use inside and outside of the classroom. We hold workshops and extended training programs throughout the school year and summer break. 




New Semester: What educators learn

  • The basics of mindfulness and self-care

  • Mindful communication  

  • How taking short pauses throughout the day can refresh and renew energy

  • How cultivating positive states of mind helps to maintain joy, compassion and connection in teaching

Minimal Office



Want to create a positive buzz around your office?

The Mindful Collaborative will come to your workplace to train your employees in mindful techniques like mindful breathing, movement & communication. ​

  • What’s around my desk? How we can incorporate mindfulness into our work day simply by utilizing what’s already around us

  • Meaningful meetings -Mindful techniques to cultivate attention, patience and cooperation in group communication

  • Purposeful pauses - taking a quick minute to recenter energy for optimal performance throughout our day

We offer continuous training sessions, lead workshops and speaking engagements. 



Fellow Collaborators


People are talking......


"My students loved this"

"I enjoyed all the lessons. The children learned to breathe and learned methods to relax & cope with anxiety and stress. I loved watching the children learn & I was able to use these methods also."

"Julie was outstanding! Her enthusiasm and methods of teaching were super & she related so well with the class. I felt that the kiddos have been given techniques to use outside of school when needed."

Rodman School, New Bedford MA

Teacher Comments

"Purposeful and quietly confident, not strident - it instilled trust that the instructor not only knows Mindfulness but follows it!"


"A clear grasp of the subject at hand and a fantastic ability to communicate concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. Also, a great, gentle leadership style moving through the agenda. Follow-up was above and beyond, too."

"Julie was very open to discussing our experiences through practice with an open heart and mind. She was very much present in creating a dynamic class with wonderful feedback that was very helpful to us all. She led the class in a professional manner and had great style of teaching that made us feel comfortable and always supported in our unique experiences."

Groundworks! New Bedford, MA

6 wk Intro to Mindfulness - Employee Comments

"Very nurturing and flexible. Very learned in all the subject matter we covered and drew from her own life experiences to help me understand these concepts in the real world. Was so open to sharing and in turn, so was I. Allowed for excellent discussion and helpful learning about each of the subjects. Every week felt like opening a gift when we spoke!

This course has helped me parent my young daughter with more patience and loving care. It has helped me have the courage to begin a writing career that has petrified me for years. It has opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at the world so that I feel more calm and centered. It has made me better."

Natalie L, Writer/Mom

6 wk Intro to Mindfulness

"Very relaxed yet outlined without being rigid. Julie created an environment where I could share my honest opinions. Very uplifting and had an incredible way of listening and offering further information on subjects that she could sense I was interested in. I really enjoyed our sessions discussing thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Her knowledge about the amygdala, mirror neurons, and mindfulness based stress reduction was very interesting to me. The information shared pertaining to the phenomenon of epigenetics and such themes has sparked a wave of exploration for me. Mindfulness and meditation have undoubtedly altered my quality of life for the better. Understanding the science behind the physical and mental changes that I have experienced, has allowed me to express my transformation in relatable and concrete terminology. 

Ava M, Server/Student

6 wk Intro to Mindfulness

"Julie worked patiently with me, guiding me to achieve the goals I set out for myself. She did this in a way that after our sessions, I felt calmer and overall just happier. She made me become aware of my thinking without judging myself so harshly. I became a more patient mother, better partner, & a more compassionate being.  It reduced stress in my life and made me more productive. I am eternally grateful to have Julie.Her program is life changing. "

Delores C, Occupational Therapist

"As the founder of a growing startup business in a very critical point in our journey, The Introduction To Mindfulness could not have come at a better time. I learned ways to be more present at the most important times. Stress and worry didn’t have the significance it once did. The flow of ideas and creativity seem to come much easier. My relationships with people are stronger and more meaningful, all just by learning to listen to others and myself. For any business owner who is looking to live a complete, fulfilling life and reach their highest potential, I believe having a mindfulness practice is a must."

Ryan T, Entreprenuer

6 wk Intro to Mindfulness

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The Mindful Collaborative is a project of the Greenhouse Initiatives of the Marion Institute.

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